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This poor frog was admitted with a really horrific injury to his spine!

The veterinary team shuddered at the thought of trying to patch him up, and were even more worried to give him an anesthetic, as they are often very difficult to anesthetize.

But patch him up they did, and we are all really pleased with the results!

Good luck little frog with your recovery!

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Catch up with the fox!

We rarely know what happen to the animals we have released.

However, thanks to Michael Hales, we know that the fox we saved from being stuck in a fence by his tail a few months ago is now doing really well! Michael says: “He visits our garden most days and seems absolutely fine. Thanks to Wildlife Aid for rescuing him”

It seems that, even without a tail, a fox can thrive when given the chance!

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Harry is living a hedgehog life!

Harry the hedgehog is enjoying his life with his friends, putting on weight and doing lots of hedgehoggy stuff!

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An unusual black pigeon – tarred, feathered and broken!

This unlucky chap was found in a car park, completely covered in oil.
Worryingly he also had a dropped wing, so we needed to x-ray him.

We gave him two baths to remove as much oil as possible, then warmed him up, X-rayed him and put a comfortable bandage on the broken wing.

Hopefully he will get better soon.

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A clumsy pigeon got his beak stuck between the wall and the roof of a brick-built house!

Sean, one of our senior rescuers, had to climb quite high up a ladder to rescue the unfortunate bird. We have no idea how he managed to get stuck, but we brought him back to the centre to check him over and feed him up, and happily he was released a few days later!

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Cute baby voles

These tiny baby voles were found abandoned, most likely because their mother was killed.

Baby voles, like most mammals, are very vulnerable at such a young age. We are doing everything we can to help them pass that critical time safely. Finger crossed they will all survive!

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Don’t ever handle deer by yourself – please call us or your local wildlife hospital for advice.
All species of deer can be very dangerous and should only be handled by experts. Even if it doesn’t have antlers (which can cause serious harm), their powerful legs can inflict injuries and, in the case of Muntjac deer, their ‘’tusks” (downward-pointing, very long canine teeth) can inflict severe damage. These tusks can be hard to see and of course tusks are usually not usually associated with deer! There have been cases where even experienced handlers have been permanently disabled by such injuries.
This poor Muntjac was brought in to us at the weekend. Its spinal cord was severed as well as having a shattered pelvis.

In all cases involving deer we prefer to deal with them at the injury site, rather than putting them through the additional trauma of being transported, so please always call from the scene of an accident or injury.
Please share this with all your friends, and we can get the right message out there.
24 hour emergency helpline 09061 800 132 
Calls charged at 50p per min (to help with funding)

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Don’t touch my baby!

Swans are very protective parents. The male swan, called the ‘cob’, can be very aggressive in order to protect his young.

Earlier this year, Simon went out to rescue a cygnet that was stuck in a fence, near the River Thames. He had to face a very angry cob that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby.


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Harry is having fun!

Our cute orphan hedgehog Harry is now able to curl up!

Don’t forget to help Harry and all his hedgehog friends by supporting the campaign “Saving Harry” http://wildlifeaid.org.uk/savingharry

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